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Website Design and Management

Continuous Support and Maintenance

Don't already have a domain name? We'll help you find an available domain name that fits your needs.


We specialize in designing websites built on the WordPress platform. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that offers incredible flexibility, security and countless design options.


Whether you need to get started with social media or just need someone to help administer your existing profiles, AtmoVantage can help you manage the complexities of the social media world.


Leveraging your website and social media opens new modes of communication with your customers and is crucial these days. But we know that your time is precious and fielding a bunch of new emails and Facebook comments can be daunting. So let us handle your business' online customer service! 

We will screen messages that customers submit from your website, field comments on social media and make sure that important matters are forwarded to you. We'll be on the virtual front lines of your business making sure your customers' comments, questions and complaints are handled quickly, professionally and efficiently. 


Every website needs to be hosted somewhere and at AtmoVantage we offer premium server space with reliable 99.9% uptime, unlimited bandwidth, and the latest security updates.


The biggest dangers to a WordPress website are outdated themes and plugins. AtmoVantage will continuously keep your site up-to-date, thus closing the loopholes hackers use to exploit websites. We use early threat detection technology to catch and ban suspicious users before they have a chance to harm your site. We also run regular scans of your site to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by bad actors.


The last thing you want is for your website to go down, but if it does for whatever reason AtmoVantage works diligently to ensure that your website is restored quickly and efficiently. We monitor your site's uptime 24/7/365 and are immediately alerted if your site goes down. We perform regular backups of your site to a secure cloud server, thus speeding up the restoration process and ensuring you don't lose any data.


The visitor experience on your website is of critical importance. Slow loading times, bad formatting, bloated images and disorganized scripts can all negatively impact your site's performance. We offer a variety of optimization services, focusing mainly on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), element compression/organization (to reduce load times).



Building a website is only the beginning. Keeping up with on-going maintenance, updates, security and backups – that’s just as important as the initial design.

At AtmoVantage we focus not only on designing the website of your dreams, but also making sure that your site remains online, secure and accessible. We specialize not only in the initial design of your site but also in the continued maintenance and attention that it needs.

We’re located in New Milford, CT and have established close working relationships with several local businesses to build and manage their websites and social media profiles. We have produced websites for restaurants, consulting agencies, non-profits and other miscellaneous local retailers.

Whether you need to build a new website from scratch or just need someone to manage your business’ Facebook page, AtmoVantage can help! 


Here is a sample of some of our work:​

Atmospheric Advantage
LLC parent company to Austin’s Atmosphere
DSC Northeast
Wildlife Conservation & Hunter Advocacy NGO
Gappy's Pizza
Pizzeria in Carmel, NY.
Patterson Wine & Spirits
Wine & Spirit Shop in Patterson, NY
SBG Senior Life Consultants
Consultancy For Seniors & Their Families
The Portal Repository
Gaming Community (No Man’s Sky)


Website design and development rate is $50/hour. The scope and complexity of your website requirements will determine the overall cost. Please use the form below to request a quote.

To give you an idea of what an average website might cost:

  • A simple, single-page WordPress website with up to 5 sections will take about 5-8 hours ($250-$400).
  • A more complex website with multiple pages could take closer to 10-12 hours ($500-$600). 
  • A website that requires multiple pages and high levels of visitor interaction (such as memberships, forums, messaging, etc) could take more than 20 hours ($1000+) depending on the scope of the project. 

Virtual Customer Service & Social Media

Virtual customer service and social media management is billed hourly at $25/hour and invoiced monthly. We will work with you to establish budget limits so you’re not surprised at the end of the month by a large bill.

Managed Hosting and On-Going Support​

$10/mo Yearly ($90)
Uptime Monitoring
$50/hr Restoration/Recovery
$50/hr Migration Assist
$15/mo Yearly ($135)
Uptime Monitoring
Daily Security Scans
Blacklist Monitoring
Audit Logging
Monthly Traffic Report
$50/hr Restoration/Recovery
$50/hr Migration Assist
Monthly Cloud Backups
$40/mo Yearly ($360)
Uptime Monitoring
Daily Security Scans
Blacklist Monitoring
Audit Logging
Suspicious IP Lockouts
Image Optimization
Daily Traffic Report
Free Restoration/Recovery
Free Migration Assist
Daily Cloud Backups

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