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What can Austin’s Atmosphere do for you?

Website Design and Development

Weather Consulting

Complete Website Development

Full service development from buying a domain name, getting hosting and designing an entire website from scratch.


Website Redesign

Give your existing website a breath of fresh air with a complete redesign.


Social Media Management

Whether you need to get started with social media or just need someone to help administer your existing profiles, Austin's Atmosphere can help you manage the complexities of the social media world.


Winter Storm Monitoring

Get advanced notice of potential winter storms and receive regular forecast updates leading up to and through the event.


Severe Weather Monitoring

Receive updates regarding the risk of severe weather in your area, such as thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes, hurricanes and any other significant weather event that threatens to disrupt normal activities. Weekly, 72-hour, 2 day and daily outlooks available, depending on your needs.


General Forecasting

Receive regular local forecasts with basic weather information. Weekly, 5-day, 72-hour, 2-day and daily forecasts are available depending on your needs.



Austin Shackelford

(Sole Proprietor) 

Austin’s Atmosphere is the sole proprietorship  of Austin Shackelford and specializes in both website design and weather consulting. 

Austin graduated from Plymouth State University with a Bachelors degree in Atmospheric Science and a minor in Geographic Information Systems. 

In addition to Austin’s Atmosphere Austin also works as a full-time Route Analyst, providing route guidance and weather forecasts to commercial ships at sea.

Whether you need to build a new website or you need a weather forecast for an outdoor event, Austin’s Atmosphere can help! 

A Note From Austin:

I have always had a passion for computers, gadgets and the weather, so it seemed natural to follow my passions into my professional career. 

I believe that if you try to develop a business around something you are not passionate about that your venture is doomed to fail. 

You will see first-hand how my passion for my work translates into personal dedication and an attention to detail that provides you with the highest levels of customer service and yields results above and beyond your expectations! I maintain only a select group of clients in order to ensure that I can build a strong business relationship and provide the kind of high-quality and personalized service that has become synonymous with the name Austin’s Atmosphere.

— Austin Shackelford


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